Cotton Careers

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Gin Manager/Worker

Want to stay out of the weather but don’t want to work to work in an office? Working in a cotton gin might be the answer for you. The cotton ginning season tends to start in March and can go to August, they processes raw cotton making it ready for sale to the spinning mills, its cleans the cotton and removes the seed and trash caught in the cotton. These gins can process 60 bales an hour each weighing 227kg, the removed cotton seed is stored on site until crushed for oil or sold for cattle feed.

Work is varied at a cotton gin involving a whole range of different jobs you could do, ranging operating the moon buggies that bring the modules from the yard to gin, or the classer that grades the cotton to the people that monitor all systems and keep the gin running. On the job training is provided for the majority of jobs at a cotton gin, machinery and technical know how is preferred but not essential. After a few seasons working in a cotton gin you will be able to move up to assistant manager and then onto manager.

Due to its season nature employees are often paid by the hour usually at a rate of $20-25 an hour.