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Farm Hand

The Farm Hand is the heart and soul of the cotton farm they are the true farmers that get the job done on time every time, it is a varied job that includes a wide range tasks with no two days being the same. As a farm hand you will work with latest agricultural technology from state of the art GPS guided tractors to million dollar cotton pickers, other tasks may include irrigating extensive cotton fields, checking pumps or preforming general maintenance.

Most of the training is on the job but extra qualifications can have their advantages such as your chemical competency certificate which will allow handle and work with chemicals in a safe and effective way. For those that are looking to get that extra edge ahead of the rest obtaining your certificate two or three in agriculture is highly recommended, it gives you a great starting platform for your agricultural career and makes you more competitive in employment. You can complete you certificate two or three in agriculture through a Tafe course.

A Farm Hand earns anywhere from $30,000 to $45,000 a year