Cotton Careers

Grow Yourself A Future


Do you like science and want to work outdoors? Try a career as an agronomist. There is a current shortage of agronomists in Australia with only one in every ten vacancies being filled, its a fulfilling career as their is nothing quite like watching a crop grow that you have helped grow. An agronomist selects the variety of cotton, checks for bugs, monitors moisture levels and care for the general health of the cotton crop.

To become an agronomist you need to go to university, many universities offer courses to people looking for a career in agronomy such as Rural Science at the University of New England, or Agricultural Science at the University of Sydney and The University of Queensland. These courses will give you a great base for your career, through their industry relevant subjects that give you the skills you need to succeed in growing an effective crop, looking after the farm and caring for the environment.

An agronomist can earn up to $90 000 a year.