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Sales Person

Are you the sort of person who could sell a ice to an Eskimo, then perhaps a career in sales is the career for you. The advantage of a career in sales is that their is no shortage of things to sell so you can specialise in any thing from selling farm supplies such as spare parts or fertiliser to selling land worth millions of dollars. In sales you will be always up to date with all the latest products, technology and equipment but you will always have the same basic underlying principle to sell a quality product to the customer at a fair price.

Depending on what type of sales you go into a high school level of education can be fine but certain areas might require more such as real estate which requires the agent to have a licence. Having a business course under your belt is always handy in the world of sales as it shows the potential employer that you understand the world of business, you know what your doing and most important you know how to make that sale. You can complete a business course at most tafes and universities, they’ll give you a great start in your career as a sales person.

A sales person can earn over $80,000 a year