Cotton Careers

Grow Yourself A Future


Want a career in agriculture and science? Then researcher is the career for you, as a researcher you’ll help to develop new varieties of cotton as well new ways of growing it. You’ll  plan, develop and work on trials that will help shape the future of the cotton industry in Australian and world, saving water, reducing chemical use and producing a higher yield.

To be a researcher you will need to gain a degree in the field of agronomy through a course such as rural science or agriculture science, these course are available through universities such as the University of New England, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, Charles Sturt University and the University of Western Sydney. All of these universities will provide you with the base knowledge you will need to begin your career, it would also be a good idea to gain your masters or even a PhD to make you more competitive in gaining employment.

A researcher can earn over $100 000 a year.