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Agricultural Pilot

Ever wanted to fly a plane a few feet above the ground or are you looking for a career that’s not your average nine to five job,  then a career as a Aerial Applicator pilot is the career for you. The  Aerial Applicator pilot plays an important role in the cotton growing process, they spray the fields to kill harmful insects as well aerially apply fertilizer to fields.

The training process is a long one but the results are worth it, you must first obtain your private pilots licence (PPL) before upgrading to your commercial pilots licence (CPL), once you have your CPL you will need your Agricultural Pilot rating and chemical distribution licence. Once you have all your ratings you can get a job with a company at first you will start out at the bottom loading planes then you will go on to riding in the chase seat learning ropes of spraying cotton fields, finally you’ll graduate onto flying planes by yourself.

An Aerial Applicator can earn up to and above $80,000 a year.