Cotton Careers

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Contractors play an important in the cotton industry they do the jobs that the farmers can’t whether its due to lack of know how, time or equipment. There are a wide variety of contracting careers available from cotton picking to earth moving careers operating large machinery such as graders, bulldozers or excavators, these machines are used to repair roads, build channels, dams or other farm structures. Spray rigs are important to keeping weeds and insects under control, the spray rigs are state of the art and are capable of spraying hundreds of acres a day. One of the most important contracting careers is as a bore driller, the bores provide water to irrigate the cotton and can be essential to the running of the farm, the bore driller drills the holes installs the casing, pipe and pump.

Cotton picking contractors mainly learn on the job starting out working as support for the picker while learning how to operate the picker before moving on to operating the picker. Earth moving operators will need to complete 240 minimum hours and pass a theoretical and practical competency exam. A spray contractor need their chemical certificate and gain experience on the job mixing chemicals and loading the spray rig before being moved onto operating the spray rig. Bore contractors can learn on the job but there are also courses on bore drilling available to people looking for a career in drilling.

The salary for contractors varies depending on type of career but it can be up to and over $90 000 a year.